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List of Regulated Entities (Insurance License)

Name of Entity License No. Date of Incorporation Status Swift Code Website Other
Global Insurance Ltd I20030001 23/01/2000 Active General Insurance
Captive Insurance Agents Ltd I20030002 17/07/2003 Active Reinsurance Licence
ACC Assurance Ltd I20040003 04/03/2004 Active General Insurance
GBH Private Insurance Ltd I20070007 06/02/2007 Active General Insurance
EuroSecurities Corp. I20070008 16/05/2007 Active General Insurance
Insurance Brokers Inc. I20070009 21/09/2007 Active General Insurance
InsurCorp International Ltd I20080011 22/08/2008 Active General Insurance
Online Insurance LLc I20090012 10/02/2009 Suspended General Insurance
Interbanking Insurance Services Corp. I20090013 20/05/2009 Active General Insurance
MGM Reinsurance Group Ltd I20090014 20/05/2009 Active Reinsurance licence
Imperial Insurance Ltd I20100026 21/07/2010 Active General Insurance
InterBanx Insurance Ltd I20100030 12/08/2010 Suspended General Insurance
FirstPacific Insurance International Ltd I20100031 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
FSL Insurance Ltd I20100033 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
First Capital Insurance Ltd I20100034 12/08/2010 Suspended General Insurance
American Insurance International Ltd I20100035 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
FDH Insurance Ltd I20100036 27/08/2010 Active General Insurance
Jean de Montpellier Private Insurance Ltd I20100037 27/08/2010 Active General Insurance
Carimpex Insurance Ltd I20100041 08/11/2010 Active General Insurance
Seguro Maritime (Offshore) Ltd I20110043 07/01/2011 Liquidation General Insurance
Howard Insurance Partners Corp. I20110044 07/01/2011 Liquidation General Insurance
Seguro Hispanola SA I20110046 14/03/2011 Liquidation General Insurance
PanAmerican Medical Care SA I20110047 14/03/2011 Active General Insurance
Fidusco Insurance Ltd I20110050 20/10/2011 Active General Insurance
Lawrence Assurance Ltd I20120053 18/01/2012 Active General Insurance
Micro Insurance Services Ltd I20120052 18/01/2012 Active General Insurance
Global Care Insurance Program Ltd I20120056 22/01/2012 Suspended General Insurance
Omex Reinsurance Ltd I20120058 08/02/2012 Suspended Reinsurance licence
Activa International Insurance Ltd I20120062 02/03/2012 Active General Insurance
EXPAT Insurance Ltd I20120063 02/03/2012 Suspended General Insurance
Alliance Insurance Corporation Limited I20140071 20/01/2014 Active General Insurance
Société Comorienne d’Assurances I20140072 17/06/2014 Active General Insurance
Préservatrice Foncière d’Assurances I20150074 26/05/2015 Active General Insurance
Alfa Insurance Ltd I20160077 01/09/2016 Active General Insurance
True Support Ltd I20170083 18/07/2017 Active General Insurance
TT Insurance Ltd I20180085 31/07/2018 Active General Insurance
ONE Insurance Ltd I20180095 05/11/2018 Active General Insurance
Bowie & Sons Corporation I20190098 01/05/2019 Active General Insurance
LLOYDS RISK INSURANCE & REINSURANCE PLC I/RI2020051 23/04/2020 Liquidation General Insurance
ROCHESTER REINSURANCE PLC I/RI2020053 23/04/2020 Active General Insurance
PRIME INSURANCE LTD I20210109 14/05/2021 Active General Insurance

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Business in Comoros Island
Traditionally, seaborne trade played an important role in the Islands' economy. Today, agriculture is the principal economic activity with crops grown both for domestic consumption and export ...


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